Username: 17454538
AKA: Blake, 17, Seventeeny
Rank: Player
Status: Infrequent


17454538(left) and sparkierjules(right)

17454538 is friend of Weltinator2 and sparkierjules. He was once one of the most common players on the server. He has recently pretty much stopped playing Minecraft, in favor of games like Starmade and Terraria, as well as designing his own games. He has stated that he might return to Minecraft if he ever finds something to make it interesting again.


17454538 first joined the server in this stage, and also spent the most time on it. He was actually in survival mode for a while due to being new. During this time he built a round stonebrick house and befriended Sean, Ann, Zach, and Chickaber. After several weeks he received creative mode from Ann and began to build a wide variety of structures. His "masterpiece" was a large, partially furnished castle which he eventually sold to Biosoldier1. He also made major contributions to pixel land and minor additions to Camp Half Blood, and a large octagonal lapis and pumpkin arena (In which he battled matty12164, who cheated, sparking the entire conflict). He also built a system of "Sky Islands", for private use for himself, sparkierjules, weltinator2, and peanutandlime. Later on, 17454538, weltinator2, and peanutandlime constructed Lakareh, a medieval castle themed town with plots owned by almost every player on the server (except matty, obviously). This was later griefed by Matty12164 through hacked use of Zachabo53 's account. His final contribution was Creeper Inc., a redstone installation company built in collaboration with sparkierjules


What happened to Lakareh in a nutshell.

Hunger GamesEdit

He found quite a lot of good loot by returning to the Cornucopia after 5 minutes, and had a full set of diamond armor, but eventually had to leave prematurely.


He was part of the magic faction, due to the over-powered nature of Equavialant Exchange, but didn't play much due to limited knowledge about Tekkit. 


He lived on a peaceful little island in a modest house, throwing darts at a poster of matty12164 and adding to his diamond collection.

2013-03-19 18.39.38

17454538's dart board


He appeared only breifly at the beginning of the server, found it very dull, and left. He has not returned since. 

Return to Vanilla SurvivalEdit

He has been seen and talked to, but it is unknown what he's up to.

Player RelationsEdit