Birchstead is a small village on the second Vanilla Survival map. It is currently inhabited by Weltinator2 and Zachabo53. It consists of two houses built mostly out of birch planks and logs, a large community mine, a wheat field, a pumpkin patch, and a sugar cane farm surrounding the lake. There are plans for a sheep farm to be built. It also has close ties to Sprucetop

Patrick's HouseEdit

Patrick (aka Weltinator2) was the founder of Birchstead. His house is a basic cube made of birch planks with the corners of the walls and roof made from birch logs, with many windows. Behind his house is a combined wheat field and pumpkin patch. There are signs on each side of the doors that say "Weltinator2's Humble Abode" and "Please Do Not Grief or Steal". 

Zach's HouseEdit

Zach later joined Birchstead, building a house similar to Patrick's but without windows. It currently has a very small sugar cane pond and pumpkin patch, and will hopefully soon have a sheep farm. 

Community MineEdit

The community mine is simply a cave entrance leading into a very wide stairway descending to bedrock. 

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