The Hunger Games was the third map on EAMAFAD. It was used for several Games. It is largely unknown what happened, except that the second Games was won by Shadowfire5.

1st Hunger GamesEdit

2nd Hunger GamesEdit

3rd Hunger GamesEdit

  • This Game largely failed due to Matty12164 spawning Blazes and Creepers everywhere.




Hunter (About Shadowfire5):

"He's like Katniss. But, you know, a guy."

Various Players:

"I'm Katniss!"

"I'm Peeta!"


"I'm Cato!"

"I'm that guy from District 9 who gets knifed at the beginning!"

Weltinator2 (While Falling):

"I'm gonna dieeeeeeeeeee...Yep, I died."


/me was slain by Katniss_Everdeen


"Ah! Muttations! Curse you Gamemakers!"

Beyond EAMAFADEdit

Sam and Patrick have been playing a lot of Hunger Games on Lichcraft. Sam has won about 35 Games (give or take) during this partnership, while Patrick has won 7 (2 of which were cheap). He has also come in 2nd many times (by hiding in the back of the bus until death match).

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