Melodicmeerkat was one of the later people to join the server. He has played on the Hunger Games, Kingdoms, Tekkit, and Voltz maps.

Hunger GamesEdit

He played in multiple Hunger Games.


He was a member of the Light Kingdom.


He was a member of the Magic Faction. He was the major cause of the switch to Vanilla Survival, due to the fact that he destroyed much of the Technology Faction's land and factories using nukes, breaking 3 of the major laws at the time:

  • He used nukes, which were only allowed to be used by the Technology Faction
  • He obtained them through NEI, despite the rule allowing only the creation of factories through Creative, not hoarding of weapons or materials
  • There was a peace treaty active at the time


Voltz Edit

Meerkat had a base on a jungle moutain, and spent time there amassing weapons and tech. His base had not been found by anyone for a while, but was prominently noticable. Therefore, his base was discovered by Matty and was burnt and blown to the ground.

Peter salvaged what he could, then made a new base some 4,000 meters from spawn. He started rebuilding and preparing for war. He teamed up with Gladrian and Kiben soon later.

Apparently, he was able to get the Admin to teleport him to Matty's old base, and he proceeded to try and steal as much as he could and when Matty was about to kill him he quickly fire off a rejuvenation missile in the middle of the base but not before Matty killed him. As you might guess, Matty moved out soon afterwards.

Peter also had a standoff with Ann when she threatened to reveal his location to Matty and company. Rather than risking it, Peter moved off and established a new base somewhere else.

Awards Edit

Killer Instincts