Pirate Party

Party on the boat.

Ann is the founder, creator, and owner of the EAMAFAD server.


As you should probably know, Ann (Stick_of_Magic and formerly EAMAFAD) is the admin of the server that this wiki talks about. She is trustable and can be rather fair at times. The only thing that can be and is a weakness to a Ann is that she can almost never say no to a request that seems fair and easy. (I'm working on that right now)

Ann has played on all the maps since the very beginning (as one would expect) and is in charge of whitelisting and maintaining the server/server computer. The people whitelisted on the server are normally from the school that we go to unless recommended by a friend that goes to our school or recommends their fri
Green Stick of Magic

Ann's (my) current skin for Minecraft!


Random Facts About Ann

  • My birthday is on March 22
  • I am the server founder and admin (naturally)
  • Digging a hole in the ground is much easier in minecraft than in real life (this statement is debatable though...)
  • My favorite color is green
  • I almost memorized all of the brewing recipies for vanilla Minecraft
  • I also don't know what else to add to my page...

This was my old skin... (Asuna from SAO) And thanks to Blake for adding the picture!


Peace Keeper
Animal Lover
Dimension Jumper