Hello, and welcome to the Diamond Awards! Hosted by me, Sir Lapis! YOU can vote for nominees of the August 2013 Diamond Awards on THIS page!

King of The MinesEdit

Who on the server do you thinks spends the most time in the mines?

King of the Mines

Peace KeeperEdit

Who does their hardest to prevent wars?

Peace Keeper

War HeroEdit

Wo starts the most wars?

War Hero


Who loves potions the most?


A Place to LiveEdit

Where would you want to live?

A Place to Live


Who has found the coolest thing?


Killer InstinctsEdit

Who is the most feared person on the server?

Killer Instincts

Old McDonaldEdit

Who loves farming?

Old McDonald

Animal LoverEdit

Who is one with the animal?

Animal Lover


Who does the coolest things with redstone?


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