This is the page about the VOLTZ Server.

Information Edit

  • EAMAFAD is now running on VOLTZ.
  • To download the Technic Launcher go here: [1]
  • Follow all of the rules.
  • Weltinator2 kinda broke the server.

Rules Edit

  • NO griefing.
  • NO stealing.
  • MUST be three meters tall (in Minecraft) to use explosives.
  • NO attacking other groups.
  • MUST be played in Survival, NO cheating

(Failure to abide by the rules will result in one of the three consequences below.)

Consequences Edit

  • Banned for a week.
  • Banned for a month.
  • Banned for longer (whatever the judge thinks the allotted time should be).

Teams Edit

  • Sam, Matty, and Patrick (Known as SMP)
  • Bennett and Peter (may be allied with Nicholas)
  • Zach: he has no idea how to play voltz

Alliances Edit

  • Peter and Bennett may be allied with Nicholas, or he may actually be part of their group
  • Edit: Nicholas is a lazy floophead and is part of their group, but has not come on for a while. -- Gladrian


  • Matty did at one point threaten war on Melodicmeerkat and Kiben007.
  • Velocentric was supposedly being held hostage by Matty.
  • Matty and Patrick burned down and looted Peter's treehouse, Peter retaliated by firing a rejuvenation missile inside their secret base
  • Matty Ender-Explosived Zach's House
  • Weltinator2 blew everything up.

Unknown FactorsEdit

  • It is unknown whether Michael or 17454538 will ever join the server.
  • Harry was out in the ocean in a boat and fell out of the world due to lag. He has been unable to connect to the server since.