Velocentric, aka Ben, is one of the newest players on the server. He was invited on by Weltinator2, and first started on the Vanilla Survival map. He began by hiding out in Patrick's Abandoned House, but it is unknown wether or not he is still living there. He is confirmed to have entered The Nether with several dogs, and was later killed by several zombie pigman who then put on his armor and stole his tools. He is currently playing on the VOLTZ Server. His base (a "vanilla cave") has been discovered by Weltinator2, and it was mostly empty. He also placed a sign saying "This is Velocentric who doesnt understand Voltz and misses his butter from vanilla" near spawn. He also seems to have found SMP's Secret Base, because a sign saying "Like Butter Through a Hot Knife -Velocentric" was found above an item frame with an enchanted golden sword, and Weltinator2, Matty12164, had Jennycostantino all had no idea where it had come from.