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EAMAFAD, Ann's server, is a local server for friends. It has a strong community.  


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Currently on EAMAFAD Server

  • The server is back up! So far, only Ann, Sam, Patrick, and Bennett have been on, so make sure to come on when you can.
  • Please get to know the new server currency.

Currently on EAMAFAD Wiki

OMG!!! Fan-fiction!!! New stories are being written and updated, such as Between Worlds and The Mob Fighters.

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  • The server's back up! Go and play on it!

Admin's Note

Hey, it's Ann here!

So, the server's down once again... This time, my hard drive failed and so I had to get a new one. Because of that, I practically lost all of the server information (old maps mainly). With the server down, I'd like to suggest playing on Gladrian's server. The IP is:

So go and check his server out! It's actually pretty cool!

As for the server, we're going on a hiatus until the release of 1.8. (Basically around fall or winter...) But in return for the long wait, I'll be working on a special map for the server!

That's all for now,


P.S. Remember, fan-fictions are stories that you make up, but you can add dramatically-altered real life server stories too, and it's always cool to add a picture. But remember, if you add a fan-fiction, remember to name the page Title Here (Fan-Fiction). This lets everyone know that that page is a fan-fiction incase they happen to stumble upon the page on accident... Then, be sure to link the fan-fiction to the Server Fan-Fiction page! 


For exciting, funny, homemade EAMAFAD fan-fiction, look no further! Click HERE to visit the stories page!


[Click here for a full list of all the locations. This is a list of the current map's locations.]


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People who have ever visited the server.


  • FrancDaKing
    • Weltinator2: I would like to say a few words about my good friend FrancDaKing. He looked sort of like a watermelon wearing a Hawaiian shirt. I met him during the Hunger Games. We teamed up to kill everyone else. Then, we realized it was just us left. We agreed we wouldn't kill each other. There would be no victor. Then he fell off a cliff and died. R.I.P.
  • Willamina
    • Weltinator2: He/she/undecided was a brother/sister/whatever Enderborn. We played several rounds of Cops and Crims together on Hypixel. We were repeatedly ganged up on by people who bought superior weapons to ours and probably used auto-aim plugins. We were both repeatedly killed until we both rage quit. Darn hackers.